Lebendiger Englischunterricht am KANT: „Fashion show“ in der 6a

Dass das manchmal leidige Vokabellernen und die Auseinandersetzung mit einem neuen Wortfeld („Clothing“)  manchmal auch ganz spielerisch und hoch motiviert gehen kann, zeigte die Klasse 6a mit ihrer Englischlehrerin Jutta Stadtler bei ihrer „Fashion show“. Die Schülerin Kati Fischer berichtet davon in englischer Sprache:

A fashion show in class 6a

„On Friday, the 2nd December 2016, there was a great fashion show in class 6 a. All presenters and models were nervous. The fashion show started with two boys in crazy outfits: One was wearing a red dress with a mask and nice shoes and the other one was wearing a pair of swimming shorts, a tiger T-shirt and cool shoes. The next group was the hippie group. In the background there played an old song. One model was wearing long trousers, a headband and sunglasses. The second model was wearing a long, blonde wig with a headband, a black jacket with a white T-shirt and sunglasses, of course. The next group was an awkward group with the theme: crazy football outfit. The model presented crazy football stuff like a ball on a hat or a flag from Germany. That was very crazy. In the next group there were a swot and a student. The following group’s theme was recycling. One model changed an old, white T-shirt into a cool top with fringes. The other girl made a dress from newspapers. The group after this one presented a mother with her daughter and a traveller. The traveller was wearing a nice hat, a blue vest and binoculars. The last group were unicorns: There was a “gamer unicorn” with a purple pullover, headphones and pink socks and a purple and blue horn, of course. And there was the “fluffiest unicorn” in a white blouse with black dots and frills and a frilled skirt with red and white flowers and of course a colourful horn with golden details. The last unicorn was “the dead unicorn” in a top with cuts, a pair of black trousers and a dark horn. All the groups were amazing and it was a fantastic fashion show in class 6 a.“

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